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The Drone 101 Airbook course covers helpful tips, Civil Aviation Rules and airspace, flight preparation and planning, operations and also includes 6 useful checklists to guide you through your drone flights from start to finish. With our FREE Drone 101 AirBook offer, now is the time to learn about:

  • Which Civil Aviation Rules are applicable to you and how to fly within those rules
  • The difference between controlled and uncontrolled airspace and other airspace restrictions
  • How weather impacts your flying
  • How to log your flight on airshare and get Air Traffic Control authorisation
  • Who you need permission from under Civil Aviation Rules Part 101 and Part 102
  • How to read a visual navigation chart (VNC)
  • Plus much more!

Duration: approx 1 hour

Note, the Drone 101 Airbook includes details of your drone flying obligations under Civil Aviation Rules Part 101 and 102 but flying drones in New Zealand requires you to comply with laws (including local council bylaws) in addition to those Rule Parts that are not included in this Airbook. As the Drone 101 Airbook does not include details of those additional laws, in order to fly your drone safely and legally you will need to ensure that you understand and comply with any such additional laws.