AirBook - Watch Supervisor Refresher

AirBook - Watch Supervisor Refresher

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This AirBook explains the role of a Watch Supervisor and the skills they require to perform their tasks successfully. It can be used as both a refresher and introductory course, as it discussethe role of a Watch Supervisor at a high level. Some of the topics discussed include  team management, quality management, threat and error management, communication and stress and fatigue.

  • Describe the role of Watch Supervisor
  • Explain the concepts involved in supervising a team
  • Discuss Conflict within a team
  • Leadership styles are described
  • Explain the concepts of Quality Management
  • Explain concept and skill required to conduct an investigation
  • Explain some safety-basedmodels
  • Requirements of In-FlightEmergency Checklist (IFERC) are discussed
  • Threat and Error Management (TEM) is described
  • Explain the basic rules for successful communication
  • Explain basic aspects of communication
  • Describe some barriers to communication
  • Explain the effects of stress on controllers
  • Explain the effects of fatigue on team members.

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