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AirBook - Human Factors

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Human Performance Factors consists of content related to the personal factors impacting performance in aviation. In this course, students will:

  • Describe the concepts and principles involved in aviation Human Factors as they relate to systemic causes of industrial accidents in general as well as Air Traffic Services
  • Describe the conceptual models of accidents and incidents and how these relate to Air Traffic Services
  • Describe the nature and types of human error in Air Traffic Services
  • Describe the limitations of human performance as they relate to the provision of Air Traffic Services
  • Describe the cognitive factors of Air Traffic Services and the limitations of human performance in the operational environment
  • Describe the way in which memory assists or impedes decision making in Air Traffic Services
  • Describe the causes of stress, identify symptoms of personal stress and apply stress management techniques in an Air Traffic Service environment
  • Contribution to teamwork in an Air Traffic Services environment
  • Describe Threat and Error Management as it applies to Air Traffic Services

You can expect to learn about:

  • The history and concept of human performance
  • Human physiology
  • Human psychology
  • Liveware environment, hardware and software.

Duration: approx 12 hours, with a 1 year subscription period.

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