AirBook - Aviation Law 101

AirBook - Aviation Law 101

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Aviation Law 101 is designed to give anyone a basic understanding of the laws of aviation and how they are governed by both national and international organisations.

  • State the necessity for air law, the sources and development of aviation law
  • Describe the freedoms of the air
  • Name the key international aviation authorities
  • Explain the purpose and function of ICAO
  • Describe the methods by which ICAO notifies and implements legislation
  • Describe the purpose and function of appropriate national agencies and their relevance to air traffic operations
    Describe the means by which legislation is implemented, notified and updated
  • Describe the purpose, function and responsibilities of an Aeronautical Information Service
  • Recognise the information contained in the different parts of the AIP
  • Describe how the regulatory/competent authority carries out its safety regulation responsibilities.

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