Alt USD per case* $15,000 Sim-in-a-suitcase Training offer * Minimum of 2 cases required for new customers ( this will set up a 4-screen simulator, as pictured in the background) Alt What's in a case? One portable sim case constitutes one sim position with two screens. Each case contains:
  • Two 24-inch monitors
  • 1 x Surface Pro touchscreen tablet
  • 1 x Compact graphics workstation

  • All required miscellaneous equipment for one CWP/Pilot (headset, mini footswitch etc.)
    Each case has all the hardware required to be used as any of the following roles:
  • Tower view and CWP
  • Surveillance CWP
  • Sim pilot
  • Supervisor
  • Data preparation

  • You can add cases to your suitcase sim fleet at any stage, to expand your mobile sim capabilities as your training grows. Cases are interchangeable for maximum flexibility.
    Alt 4-case simulator – example 1
  • 2 x Surveillance CWPs
  • 4 x Screen CWP layout
  • 2 x Sim pilots
  • 4-case simulator – example 2
  • 1 x Tower CWP
  • 6 x screens, aerodrome view
  • 1 x Sim pilot
  • 2-case simulator – example 2
  • 1 x Surveillance CWP
  • 1 x Sim pilot

  • 2-case simulator – example 1
  • 1 x Tower CWP
  • 4 x screens, aerodrome view
  • Supported by remote sim pilots
  • Multiple configuration options
    Alt Optional upgrades/add-ons
  • TotalControl Sim Users training course
  • TrueView or 3D rendered photo-real aerodromes
  • Additional Tower view or Sim Pilot cases
  • Extended licence and support
  • Alt Terms and Conditions This price does not include any shipping/freight, or any local taxes, levies or duties that may be issued in respect of the delivery of this offer. This document is not intended to create a binding legal relationship. Our pricing assumes that TotalControl standard terms and conditions will be contracted. Alt About TotalControl Learn more TotalControl is a flexible, proven and reliable air traffic control simulator for all your training needs. Made by controllers, for controllers, TotalControl is the most reputable simulator on the global market developed by an air navigation service provider.

    The immersive learning environment of TotalControl will help to maximise your training outcomes for ab initio air traffic control trainees and operational controllers. Featuring our leading-edge TrueView graphics technology - a hybrid rendering of high resolution imagery from the control tower and underlying terrain data - TotalControl provides a simulation experience almost indistinguishable from the real thing.
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