How It Works

Introducing AirBooks

An interactive learning resource, designed for success in air navigation training. It's a unique learning platform, which was created, tested and proven by Airways, New Zealand’s Air Navigation Service Provider.

AirBooks is accessible on any device. Train anywhere, anytime and at any pace. 

Whether you learn best through audio, video or text, AirBooks delivers content that caters to your individual needs, with content is ICAO and EASA aligned.

Benefits of Using AirBooks

  • Interactive images, 3D animations and games offer an engaging way to boost your knowledge.

  • See how you're tracking with instant feedback on your current understanding of the content, with plenty of self-assessment opportunities.

  • Use AirBooks on any device - content will adjust automatically.

  • Take notes, highlight important information, and look up words and topics online.

  • Faster distribution – reach all your staff easily via AirBooks online.

  • With our exclusive analytics feature* you can track results and support the progress of your team. 

  • Reduce course development time and the need to run one-on-one training.

* Analytics is an exclusive feature for team purchases