How AKO works

AKO offers flexible, interactive training for the aviation sector, in an easily accessible online environment. We cater for both instructor-led and self-directed, self-paced learning through a range of delivery options - AKO Classroom, AKO Flexi, and AKO AirBooks.

Utilising the latest online learning technologies and methods, AKO courses combine online self-paced learning with instructor-led virtual interactive classroom sessions, with content structured to enhance student success.

AKO is a digital learning platform for aviation professionals, enabling ANSPs, training organisations and students to engage and learn on their own terms. 

How do students access AKO?

  • Students access AKO on individual devices each day through AKO Connect, our online video conferencing tool. Virtual live sessions, study instructions and course plans are all available via AKO Connect.
  • Students are given a login to a Microsoft Office 365 account to access AKO Connect
  • Access to our digital learning resources, AirBooks is also provided via a login. Students can view AirBooks on any device, from a smartphone to a PC.

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