AirBook - Emergency Situations

AirBook - Emergency Situations

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This AirBook covers the basics of various emergencies such as alerting services and how they should be used, emergency communications (facilities, peopleandhardware), as well as discussing additional subjects in supplementary reading such as unlawful interference, weather deviation, fuel dumping etc.

  • Describe the alerting procedures applied in aviation, including alerting phases, actions to be carried out by ATS, and the correct emergency phraseology procedures
  • Identify to whom an alerting service is provided
  • Range: All aircraft provided with ATC, all aircraft on flight plan, aircraft known/believed to be subject of unlawful interference
  • Identify the three alerting phrases including name, acronym, definition, and situations to which each applies, including exceptions range: INCERFA, ALERFA, DETRESFA
  • Identify ATS actions in the event of an emergency
  • Identify the international aeronautical emergency frequency, the emergency locator beacon frequency and emergency transponder squawk codes
  • Range: 121.5MHz, 406MHz; 7700, 7600, 7500
  • Identify and define the conditions of Distress and Urgency, including the appropriate phraseology for each
  • Range: MAYDAY; PAN PAN
  • Identify the requirement for ATS to acknowledge the transmission immediately.

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